LBC Designer Kit 2 – Electrify Your Creativity

HK$ 480.00

Include 包括:
AgIC Circuit Marker 神奇電路筆 x1
AgIC Circuit Eraser 神奇電路刷膠筆 x1
AgIC Circuit Eraser Replacements 神奇電路刷膠筆替換筆頭 x2
Coin Battery 電池 x2
90mm x 138mm Circuit Paper 電路紙 x5
LED Clips in Red 紅色LED片燈 x5
LED Clips in Green 綠色LED片燈 x5
LED Clips in Blue 藍色LED片燈 x5
Conductive Glue 導電膠水 x1

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適合已對電路知識和 CIRCUIT MARKER 產品有一定的認識的朋友。



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