AgIC Ink Prototype Kit

HK$ 4,500.00HK$ 12,150.00

– AgIC Ink 50ml
– Syringe and filter
– A6 Circuit Paper 3 sheets
– Instruction Book

Note before purchase:
– Ink is manufactured and well-packed in Japan.
– Japan’s Packaging Consideration: First fill-in bottle and then pack inside a sealed bag.
– Leakage of Ink from the Bottle inside the sealed bag may happen.
– If leakage problem is unfortunately happened, ink can still be used.
– Customer should understand and bear this unexpected risk of leakage.

Due to COVID-19 issue, the Lead Time for this product will be 2-4 weeks. For enquiry, please email us at

Limited stock to keep ink fresh.

Special Offer 1: FREE A6 Circuit Paper x 1 pack 10 sheets.

Special Offer 2: Buy 2 get 5% off. Buy 3 get 10% off.

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To use Prototype Ink Kit, you need a printer with ink tanks. Check our recommended printers as below.

Recommended Printers

– Epson ET-2550
– Epson L310
– Epson L220
– Epson PX-S160T
– Epson EW-M660FT
If you cannot find your desired printer on our recommended list, you can check if your printer
[1] is an ink-jet printer
[2] can fill up with 3rd party ink into the ink tank
Then your printer is possible to use.

[1] Circuits printed by this ink kit work only on single side of AgIC Circuit Paper and Circuit PET Film.
[2] AgIC Ink Prototype Kit is not manufactured by Epson, so it does not guarantee your printer or aforementioned recommended printer is 100% workable with AgIC ink.
[3] Use new printer. Second-hand printers may cause unexpected malfunctions such as clogging nozzles.

Datasheet: AgIC Ink #1000

With this ink you can draw or print any circuits on our substrates.

[1] Composition: Silver (15% wt), water, ethanol
[2] Conductivity (*): 0.3 [ohm/square] [3] Viscosity: 2-3 [mPa・s] [4] Surface tension: 30-35 [mN/m] [5] Flash point (**): Non-flammable
[6] Specific weight: 1.2
[7] Length of time before dying (*): 3 [sec]

(*) when drawn on our substrates
(**) Although the ink itself is not flammable, high electrical current or high voltage might result in burning the paper on which the ink is put.

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Special Offer

Buy 1 only, Buy 2 get 5% off, Buy 3 get 10% off

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