3mm / 5mm LED (White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Flash)

HK$ 2.00HK$ 3.00

Price per unit count.


3mm LED Options for Yellow, Green and Red.
5mm LED Options for White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Auto-Flash.

Remarks for 5mm LED Auto-Flash
– You may receive with variant in color and speed frequency.

【*】Special offer for random dispatch for 5mm LED.

直徑 3mm 的 LED 有 黃光、綠光和紅光選擇。
直徑 5mm 的 LED 有 白光、黃光、紅光、藍光、綠光和自動閃爍燈光選擇。

註:5mm 的 自動閃爍 LED
- 每粒LED或會有自動閃爍的燈光和快慢的差異。

【*】如選購隨機燈光顏色, 可享特別折扣優惠。(只限 5mm LED 固定色)

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5mm Random Color, 5mm White, 5mm Yellow, 5mm Red, 5mm Blue, 5mm Green, 5mm Auto-Flash, 3mm Yellow, 3mm Red, 3mm Green

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