BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid Spray (20ml)

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Capacity: 20 ml
Model: B20N
Design: Plastic spray bottle
[Hand Carry] for travel, daily go out, carry.

BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid is made from patented formula, the use of natural botanical extracts can effectively kill a variety of bacteria and viruses (such as: SARS, H3N2, H5N1, Legionella (can cause Legionella Pneumophila), MRSA, etc.), decompose of the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), such as: formaldehyde and deodorize. Products certified by the authority, safe and reliable, suitable for any age.

容量: 20 毫升
型號: B20N
設計: 環保塑膠料樽身及噴樽,連透明頂蓋 (可充填使用)
[ 可手提上機 ] 適合出門旅遊、日常外出,隨身攜帶。

BioEm空氣消毒淨化液,專利配方,採用天然植物精華提鍊而成,能有效殺滅多種細菌及病毒(如: 沙士SARS、禽流感H5N1、人流感H3N2、軍團菌和抗藥性金黃葡萄球菌等),分解總揮發性有機化合物 (TVOC),如: 甲醛及除異味。產品獲權威機構認證,安全可靠,適合任何年齡人士使用。

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BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid

Product Name: Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid Spray
Capacity: 20 ml
Product Type: B20N
Design: Plastic spray bottle

Recommended Applications:
Travel – aircraft and hotel supplies disinfection (such as: aircraft dining table, aircraft seats, hotel beds, hotel towels and toilet, etc.)
Public area – public transport, toilets, junk rooms, karaoke rooms and any indoor area needed.

Main natural plant ingredients:
Spearmint, Arteannuin, Matrine and Tea saponin

The main feature:
Sanitization, disinfection, decomposition of the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), such as: formaldehyde and deodorization.

[Hong Kong University of Science and Technology] Long-term Inhalation Safely Test Certificate
[Hong Kong Polytechnic University] Human Skin Sensitive Test

General use:
When used, you can spray directly in the air or on the surface of objects for sanitizing. The natural ingredients of this product may cause colour fading on the surface of leather and wooden items. Recommend to wipe after use.

For external use only. Adult’s guidance is necessary when used by children. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in dry and cool place.


產品名稱 : 防疫噴霧輕便裝
容量 : 20 毫升
設計 : 環保塑膠料樽身及噴樽,連透明頂蓋 (可充填使用)
產品型號 : B20N

出門旅遊 – 飛機及酒店用品消毒 (如: 飛機餐枱、飛機座位、酒店床鋪、酒店毛巾及坐廁等。)
公共場所 – 公共交通工具、洗手間、垃圾房、卡拉OK房及有需要的室內空間。

主要功能:殺菌、消毒、分解總揮發性有機化合物 (TVOC),如: 甲醛及去除異味。
[香港科技大學] 通過長期吸入安全測試
[香港理工大學] 通過人體皮膚敏感測試



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