Edison V2.0 Robot – EdPack2

HK$ 720.00

EdPack2 – 2 Edison robots with 2 EdComm programming cables.

At last educational robotics at a price your school and everyone can afford!

NOTE: The EdComm cable is stored inside the battery compartment of each Edison robot during shipping.

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Unlock more of Edison’s capabilities, such as using IR messaging between robots, sumo wrestling and robotics builds with the EdPack2 which includes 2 Edison robots and 2 EdComm programming cables at a bundle-pack discount, reducing the cost per product in this bundle. The EdPack2 bundle discount reduces the per-robot price.

10 Educational Robotics Plans
Lesson 1: Get familiar and set up
Lesson 2: Robot movement – Driving
Lesson 3: Robot movement – Turning
Lesson 4: Maze challenge and Mexican wave
Lesson 5: Design brief 1 – My Program
Lesson 6: Clap sensing
Lesson 7: Detect obstacles
Lesson 8: Line sensing and tracking
Lesson 9: Respond to light
Lesson 10: Design brief 2 – My Program

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