LED Tree Kit by AgIC from Japan

HK$ 350.00

• 一張已印有兩棵聖誕樹電路圖的AgIC Circuit Paper (1 sheet of AgIC Circuit Paper for 2 trees)
• 8粒紅色LED燈 (8 LEDs in Red)
• 8粒黃色LED燈 (8 LEDs in Yellow)
• 2粒特效Circuit Stickers (2 effect Circuit Stickers)

Backorder Available. 由成功下單預訂起計14個工作天內發貨。info@littleblackcarrot.com

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Designed by AgIC from Japan

Brighten your holiday with by making your lightening trees! A tree will light up by connecting to USB port. Ya! Using an USB port to supply the electricity! Not using a battery! It's amazing, isn't it?

This kit contains a sheet of paper printed with conductive ink, which will work as a electric circuit. It will be great decoration for your desk and wall.

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