Circuit Fun – Craftwork Heart Linkage & Rolling Light Up Card

STEM + Art Workshop

Level: Introductory
Duration: 45 min for 1 Card.
– 20 min for Circuit Design
– 15 min for Craftwork + Coloring
– 10 min for Card Assemble
Age Group:
– Junior Class: 6+
– S. Junior Class: 50+
– Parent-Child Class: 4+
Minimum Attendants: 1+
Trial Lesson before Enrollment: No
Hand-on Experience: Yes

Reservation / Enquiry

Learn & have fun at our partner centre at North Point.
Or we can come and provide onsite service.
Email us at
– Target Date & Time
– No. of participants
– Age range of participants
– Workshop / Course / Event Activity Style
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everyone can make Circuit Art

First Step to be Circuit Designer
Not only develops learners’ ability of applying knowledge of cross-disciplines and problem-solving skills, but also aesthetic appreciation, design thinking and creativity. Our workshop integrates both theoretical and practical experience.

Learning Takeaway
– Able to design and create paper circuit
– Able to appreciate and criticize others’ design
– Develop water brush coloring skill, problem solving skill, creativity and logical thinking


- 把創作及繪製自己的電路圖
- 懂得欣賞及學習他人的設計
- 增進上色技巧及培養自信心

Technique Sample: Craftwork Part

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