STEM + Music Fun: Make Your Own Instrument – Kalimba

STEM + Music Workshop

Level: Introductory
Duration: 60 – 90 min
– 10 min for Science of Sound. Why we can “hear”?
– 20 min for Kalimba Personalization
– 20 min for Assemble your Kalimba
– 10 min for Tune your Kalimba
– Presentation Time (Select 2-3 Participants)

Age Group:
– Junior Class: 6+
– S. Junior Class: 50+
– Parent-Child Class: 6+
Minimum Attendants: 1+
Trial Lesson before Enrollment: No
Hand-on Experience: Yes

Reservation / Enquiry

Learn & have fun at our partner centre at North Point.
Or we can come and provide onsite service.
Email us at
– Target Date & Time
– No. of participants
– Age range of participants
– Workshop / Course / Event Activity Style
– Location


everyone can make Kalimba

Be an Instrument Maker
Understand the science behind of how to make sound. Follow instruction to build your own Kalimba.

Personalize your Kalimba
Learn how to color your wooden Kalimba with water-based art markers.

Tune your Kalimba
Let’s start with DoReMi. Tune it with a little hammer.

Our workshop integrates both theoretical and practical experience.

Learning Takeaway
– Able to build up logical thinking and compose simple song
– Able to appreciate and criticize others’ idea
– Develop problem solving skill, creativity and logical thinking

對我們來說 M , 除了數學 Mathematics 外,也是音樂 Music 的縮寫。

- 把創作及編製自己的音樂
- 懂得欣賞及學習他人的設計和想法
- 增進技巧及培養自信心

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